Technical excellence.


At Quintax Cleaning Services (QCS), we have a hands-on approach to each client and our aim is to provide cleaning of the highest standards. We supply all the necessary training, labour, material, equipment and supervision to handle each project efficiently, with minimal disruption to our clients’ daily business operations or the surrounding environment.

No matter what your cleaning needs, QCS will provide you with a service that is professional, technically excellent, well organised and operated by highly trained staff.

Quintax 31 CC t/a Quintax Cleaning Services was established in 2009. Three different cleaning companies amalgamated in 2014, The Clean Team Services, Enigma Cleaning and Quintax in order to create a national footprint.

QCS is the brainchild of Beatrice Nkambule, Glen Furniss, John Chisholm and Anne Govender. Click here to download the company structure.

Beatrice Nkambule from Endoni Holdings, Limpopo, is a steadfast business woman, and brings her excellent experience in the cleaning industry, and business in general, to the QCS mix. John Chisholm and Anne Govender are formerly from The Clean Team Services in KwaZulu Natal and Glen Furniss is from Enigma Cleaning Services. Together they are leaders in the cleaning industry and their combined expertise and experience are unequaled in South Africa. All the managing members are reputable business owners and among all of them, they have over seven decades of experience in the cleaning industry.

QCS’s reputation is built on good, solid and old fashioned hard work and our dedication to professional service delivery is top of mind in everything we do.

Some of our clients include:

Quintax clients

All the cleaning products that we use, are of top quality, SABS approved, all food grade, and environmentally friendly wherever possible and are sourced from reputable companies. We also use a full colour coding system – differentiating various cleaning products and equipment for separate areas to ensure no cross contamination of bacteria by colour coding the products used with the area they are to be used in.

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