Consistent, high quality service


QCS employs over 1,000 staff nationally. Our ability to provide consistent, high quality services at competitive rates is made possible by our lateral management structure, where job supervision is overseen by ground level managers.

At QCS we believe that on-site management is more efficient and effective whereby our staff monitors your premises together with you and guarantee that your customised cleaning schedule will be followed in an efficient, effective and professional manner. We feel that it is not the quantity of supervision that matters but the quality of the supervisor that counts.

Our employee selection, training and inspections are in place to ensure that our services at your premises will meet your expectations. We understand that personnel selection, training, instruction and evaluation are important to accomplish our clients’ cleaning expectations. All staff are fully interviewed and vetted before appointment and our training programme involves a combination of hands-on demonstrations and printed instruction manuals formulated to suit clients’ requirements. This is to ensure that our workers will be able to execute the task given accurately and confidently.


  • Deliver an outstanding service;
  • Encourage close and lasting relationships, building trust and confidence with our clients;
  • Provide an environment adhering to Health and Safety standards;
  • Constantly seek innovative ways to improve in our expertise;
  • Implement decisions and recommendations immediately.
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